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To change your policy details or make a claim, please call us on 1300 360 066.

Don’t have a policy? Get a quote online or by calling us on 1300 559 663.

Home and contents insurance

To change your policy details or make a claim, please call us on 1800 064 985.

Don’t have a policy? Get a quote online or by calling us on 1300 559 663.

Life insurance

To change your policy details or make a claim, please call us on 1800 421 034 or email

Travel insurance

For Claims and Emergency Assistance call:
1800 694 227 (within Australia)
+61 7 3707 3463 (outside of Australia)

By email:


How people with disabilities and language barriers can contact us by phone; and information about the accessibility of our website.

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Financial Hardship

We’re here to support our customers by responding to claim events with expertise, compassion and efficiency.

If you’re having trouble meeting your financial obligations to us (excluding premium payments), you can ask us for financial hardship support.

Step 1. Contact us
We’ll ask you some questions to understand your circumstances, explain the financial hardship application process and answer any questions, please call us on 1300 360 066.

Step 2. Complete the financial hardship application
We will ask you to complete a financial hardship application. Depending on your specific needs, the circumstances and the amount we may request supporting documentation to assist us in reviewing your application for support.

Step 3. Assessment of application
Once we’ve received the completed form and any required supporting documents, we’ll assess your application and communicate the outcome to you in writing within 21 days.

Types of Support
We have a range of options available to support you which may include:

Additional support aligned to your needs:
We are committed to supporting customers in financial hardship and our team will work with you to provide support that is aligned to your specific circumstances.

Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd subscribe to the General Insurance Code of Practice 2020 (‘the code’). Part 10 of the code outlines financial hardship support. The Code is independently monitored and enforced by the Code Governance Committee. The code can be accessed by visiting:

Financial hardship - FAQs:

What is financial hardship?
Financial hardship means you are having difficulty meeting your financial obligations to us.

How do we assess financial hardship requests?
Auto & General assess financial hardship applications on a case by case basis to support customers based on their individual circumstances.

Am I eligible for support with my premium?
Financial hardship support does not include the payment of premiums. If you are having difficulty making premium payments we encourage you to contact our Service team.

Natural Disasters and fast tracking a claim:
Where a natural disaster has occurred and you need to make a related claim which has caused you an urgent financial need, we will do either or both of the following:

What if I’m not satisfied with the outcome?
If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, including the support we have offered as part of your financial hardship application, please contact us to make a complaint.

Independent Support:

The National Debt Helpline is a not-for-profit service that offers free, independent and confidential financial counselling to help people tackle their debt.

National Debt Helpline

1800 007 007
9:30am-4:30pm AEST, Monday - Friday
National Debt Helpline Website

Domestic and Family Violence Policy

Our Domestic and Family Violence Policy supports customers by protecting their privacy and offering timely, targeted support.

Download policy

Make a complaint

What to do if you're unhappy with any of our products, services, or actions.

Step 1. Speak to us
We want to resolve any complaint or dispute for you as quickly as possible. The best place to start is to contact our customer service team.

Submit a complaint form

Step 2. Our team will help you
We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receiving it (or as soon as practicable).

Our team will try to resolve your complaint immediately and will provide you with a unique reference number.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 5 business days, we will escalate it to our Customer Disputes Resolution Team for review.

Our Customer Disputes Resolution Team will work with you to try and resolve your complaint within 30 calendar days however if we know you are experiencing financial hardship we will give you our decision within 21 calendar days.

We will keep you informed of our progress at least every 10 business days.

Step 3. If we can't agree, you can seek an independent review
Our aim is to resolve complaints within 30 calendar days. If we are unable to finalise your complaint within this time, we will:

Additionally, if you are dissatisfied with our final decision, you can also contact AFCA directly.

AFCA independently resolves disputes between financial service providers (like insurers) and their clients. AFCA's decisions are binding which means that even if they aren't in our favour, we must accept them.

You have 2 years from when we make a decision on your complaint to take your complaint to AFCA.

We want it to be easy for you to contact us, if you need assistance to make a complaint, please visit our accessibility page for options.

Customer Assistance:
Auto & General are committed to supporting customers experiencing vulnerability. If you need assistance please let us know so we can work with you to arrange support aligned to your needs. The Auto & General Domestic and Family Violence Policy and Financial Hardship Support options are available on our website.

Our Policy:
For further information, please see the Auto & General Complaints Policy.

Auto & General subscribe to the General Insurance Code of Practice.
Please refer to

General Insurance Code of Practice

Our insurance is underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited who is a member of the Insurance Council of Australia and a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice (the Code). By signing up to the Code, they promise to act in an open, honest and fair manner in all their dealings with customers.

Auto & General and Ozicare insurance are committed to helping our customers better understand their rights when buying insurance, making claims, resolving a complaint, or experiencing financial hardship.

General insurers’ compliance with the code is monitored and enforced by an independent body called the Code Governance Committee (CGC). Customers can report suspected breaches to the CGC, which then investigates and, if necessary, agrees with the insurer on corrective measures within set timeframes.

Any failure to correct a breach can lead to CGC sanctions, which are binding on insurers.

A copy of the code can be accessed by visiting

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